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If You Haven't Been To Pho, Then You Need To Go!

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

I recently tried out Pho at the Westgate in Oxford, and it is now by far one of my favourites!

I recently attended a Coeliac UK Local Group Meeting at Pho, and I was certainly not disappointed! To start off, they are Coeliac UK accredited (I can hear you all cheering now!) This accreditation makes any Coeliac foodie feel so calm and at ease and I suppose 'normal', as you are confident in the staff and that they will take your request seriously. The next best bit, almost the WHOLE menu is gluten free... amazing right? And thirdly, the food is absolutely delicious!

The restaurant is gorgeous the atmosphere is buzzing and I didn't even feel like I was in my home city!

For starters, I had the veggie Gỏi cuốn which were fresh rice paper summer rolls with herbs, vermicelli & pickle which I had with peanut sauce. These were very filling and also very fresh tasting due to the mint in them. For the main, I had the chicken Phở Xào wok fried noodles with nước chấm. These were soooooooo tasty. They tasted a lot thicker and more filling than the usual rice noodles you can buy at the shop and reminded me more of egg noodles. I was so impressed!

The only downside, they seem to use peanuts in a lot of dishes so if you had a peanut allergy too, it may not be suitable but it is best to ask!

I've also since returned and tried their crispy squid as a starter and it was glorious! The dip is chilli and lime which you squeeze yourself, which is super tangy and sweet and compliments the crispness of the squid. I'm usually jealous of my partners meal when he has this in other restaurants, so it was nice for me to have one too!!

Do you have more than one allergy? Does it make it harder to eat in certain places?



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