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Make the Easiest and Tastiest Homemade Wedges

Ever fancied a bowl of perfectly spiced potato wedges? This is the way to do it, and you won't believe how simple it is!!

Don't get me wrong, some frozen bags of wedges are tasty and also not too badly priced. One of my favourites is the Sainsbury's Lightly Spiced Wedges - at £1.25 a bag, they are pretty good for a quick addition to a meal! However, I don't think they beat a homemade version!

What to do...

Peel and chop your potatoes into wedge shapes. I usually use about 1 and a half potatoes per person (dependant on size). Then rinse the wedges under cold water to rinse off the starch (this makes sure they go crispy) and dry them slightly on some kitchen paper.

Scatter them out in one even layer onto a baking tray and pour over a decent amount of oil to coat the wedges. I like to flip and move them around with my hands to make sure they are coated evenly.

Onto the best bit - add your chosen spices!! Sometimes I like to go simple with salt, pepper and garlic salt, but most of the time I use equal amounts of; salt, pepper, garlic salt, cumin, chilli powder and smoked paprika. I then flip them around again to ensure even coverage.

Pop them in the oven for around 30 minutes on 200°C until they are perfectly crisp!

I hope you give these a go, they are perfect for so many meals! I had them on this occasion with Salmon, but I've also had them with Chicken Salad and Lasagne!

Hope you enjoy!!




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