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The Poshest 'McFlurry' Ever!

Think Mcflurry's and then think of a more indulgent, sweet and purer one, and that's what a Godiva ice cream tastes like!

This was my DELICIOUS posh whippy soft serve ice cream from Godiva. They offer Vanilla, chocolate, and a mix of both (all gluten free) in a cup. The staff were very helpful and clear about the fact that as they use cones for some of them and that means there is a risk of cross contamination but they changed their gloves before doing mine in a cup! Also it was sooooo tasty - I could eat it all over again 😍

This was a fantastic experience in there which meant I didn't mind paying a slightly higher price than I usually would for an ice cream, as I was happy with their service.

I did almost go to Caffe Concerto in the Westgate, Oxford, however I had appalling customer service when I asked if their ice cream (which had no biscuit bits in any of them) was gluten free. All I got was "no". No explanation, no apology or checking. I obviously just walked away, almost laughing to myself at how ridiculous it was. Which then led me into Godiva which was much much better! To add insult to injury, Caffe Concerto contacted me on Instagram to apologise and ask if they could do anything to help. So I asked if they could confirm if the ice cream was in fact gluten free, and they said that they all are!! So, unfortunately I wouldn't return there due to the lack of knowledge their staff have!

What's the worst experience you've had in a cafe/restaurant?



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