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ASDA haul and review

I'd give ASDA an A+ for their gluten free snack game. Here's what I have tried from my little shop recently (sadly no Melto yet though!)

Since there is only one ASDA near me and it's over 40 minutes away, I don't tend to go there that often. So when I do, I have to make the most of it! I decided to pick up some of my old non GF faves to see if they have got any better since I was first diagnosed. Here is what I thought of them all...

1. Nutri-Brex Original

Now, I was sceptical with this one as I wondered how can something called 'WHEAT'abix possibly be made gluten free and taste the same! Well, I can tell you that there isn't a lot of difference between the two and Nutri-Brex tastes, looks and has a similar texture to the old favourite! I've since been having it every morning with milk and a sprinkle of sugar! If you're wondering what its made from, it mostly wholegrain sorghum which is a naturally gluten free grain!

2. Schar Rich Tea Biscuits

I've tried a couple of supermarket own brand rich teas and haven't really been a fan, but I think these ones are now my favourite. They are quite thin compared to a non GF biscuit, but the flavour is nice, not too sweet, and it has a great crunch to it which means they are perfect for a tea dunk!

3. Schar Chocolix

This is by far my favourite!!!! This is a GF dupe for our old friend Twix. This is the closest to an original I have ever tasted! I can't even describe how similar it is, i suppose you will just have to try it yourself...

4. ASDA Free From Chocolate Wafer Snaps

These 'Kit Kats' were definitely not my favourite. Although, the wafer tasted pretty good with just the right balance of chocolate to complement it, the chocolate tasted a little cheap and tinny for my liking! It almost reminded me of the chocolate you get inside a chocolate coin - they're nice, but not the greatest in my opinion. If they tweaked the chocolate, they'd actually be quite nice!

5. Schar Chocolate Shorts

These are a dupe for Chocolate Leibniz which used to be my favourite biscuit in the world! When I first took a bite, I thought, mmm it actually tastes pretty good, however, they should have totally used milk chocolate! Instead, they used dark chocolate which to be quite honest, is not my go to when it comes to chocolate - (I would understand if the idea was to make the product dairy free but it wasn't, so why bother? Gimme milk chocolate!!!)

6. Schar Waffles

These are so simple and tasty for a breakfast treat! All you need to do is warm them slightly in the toaster and then top then with the most succulent and sweet topping that you can find - well that's what I tend to do.

I tried mine with organic yoghurt, honey and some slices of banana...

In total I would probably say this took me about 2 minutes to prepare and then another 2 minutes to eat - or maybe quicker :P

Big thumbs up from me on this one, Schar! It brought me back to the days of gluten as you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I even felt kind enough to let me parter have a taste to see what he thought (not a coeliac), and he agreed that there is virtually no difference. Yum!

And finally, you may remember how said I was on my Instagram story when I found out that the Melto's were sold out! Literally the shelves had been replenished that morning and they were already gone. If you didn't know yet, these are the Schar equivalent 'Kinder Buenos' which I am super excited to try out soon. So watch the space if you're local to my ASDA as i'm going to be camping out until I get my hands on them.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my ASDA haul and review. If you want to read more posts like this, then go check out my other blogs. If you have any questions, then go and fire me a message, I'd love to here from you. In the meantime do you have any gluten free favourites from ASDA?



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