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I Was Pretty Impressed With These Shop Bought Gluten Free Shortbread

To find a gluten free biscuit that isn't too dry and crumbly, is one of my missions in life... and I think this is it!

I always get excited when I see this brand in a shop or café! I just always HAVE to pick them up! This is honestly the best gluten free lemon shortbread I have found! 🍋

They have a zesty lemon flavour that isn't too strong but are creamy and not too crumbly. I've tried more products from the Kent & Fraser brand and have enjoyed all of them (definitely loved the chocolate chip ones).

They're perfect for a picnic in the sun (which is what I did here) or with a nice cup of tea! However, they may not last too long as one leads to another!

What's your favourite biscuit you've found? And have you tried this brand?



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