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I Can't Believe I Found A Gluten Chinese Takeaway In Oxford

All Coeliac's know that takeaway food can be a big no no, so when I found this Chinese restaurant/takeaway in my home town it's safe to say I was delighted!

Becoming a Coeliac, you learn that you can no longer go wherever you want for food or order anything you want when you get there. You really do have to search to find the best places with some kind of variety (not just a jacket potato and beans). With takeaway food, this becomes even more difficult and is usually an absolute no go. However, at Xian in Summertown, Oxford, you are even spoilt for choice on what you can have that is gluten free!

If I remember correctly, the Owner said his wife and son also have Coeliac Disease which is why he has adapted his menu so well. Which filled me with confidence in that he knows what he's doing! They also use gluten free stickers on everything you order to ensure you feel absolutely safe.

My go to meal here is, Kung Po Chilli Chicken, Egg Fried Rice, Salt and Garlic Chips, Singapore Style Vermicelli Noodles with a specially made Sweet and Sour Sauce (and sometimes prawn crackers). It is so tasty and I personally think it's a lot less greasy than other takeaways I had before becoming a Coeliac.

The restaurant looks absolutely beautiful inside, however, I have so far only ordered a takeaway from there and not actually eaten there. The staff are always so friendly so I have no doubts that the experience in the restaurant is equally as wonderful.

I would love to know if you guys have any takeaway recommendations? Also, what has been your experience when ordering gluten free takeaways?



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