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A Hotel That Actually Had A Decent GF Room Service Menu!

My trip to the Lake District held lots of beautiful sites, views and most importantly food!

A trip to the Lake District brought lots of great tasting food, the most important of all was the room service! The Langdale Hotel and Spa in Langdale had an excellent choice of gluten free food for room service (so good in fact, we ate in every night!)


Ahhh, breakfast, the best meal of the day - not always in hotels for us Coeliac's though. Normally we all have to bring an instant porridge pot with us! Here, I had cornflakes (I suspect Schar), fruit with compote and yoghurt with a cold glass of cranberry juice and a nice cuppa! All brought up to the room at our chosen time - what could be better?


GLUTEN FREE FISH AND CHIPS!!! My partner was acting rather strange navigating us through the town of Bowness-on-Windmere telling me which way we should go. We then miraculously arrived at Vinegar Jones, to my surprise, where they had dedicated friers for gluten free fish and chips! It was so light and fluffy and a really good portion size, meaning we only needed to get one! We also ate outside the shop down a lovely lane where we then went and bought some flavoured fudge at Roly's Fudge Pantry.. YUM!


We had couple of dinners on our trip, first of all, I went large on a ham and pineapple pizza (my favourite) with safely cooked wedges. The base was super tasty and crunchy, and if i'm honest, you wouldn't be able to tell it was gluten free.

The second night, we couldn't decide between a Shepherds Pie or Ribs... so we got both of course! The Shepherds pie was steaming hot and so rich and indulgent and the ribs, well they are as good as ribs get. Smothered in BBQ sauce and the meat falling off the bone. Absolutely delicious!


The food was definitely a bonus for this trip for me, as it allowed us to visit all the sites, and come back late knowing we won't have to go out searching for food in a suitable restaurant. It also allowed us to enjoy the room, which was absolutely beautiful and by far my most favourite room I've ever stayed in. Following a lovely scenic drive up towards the hotel surrounded by the cutest sheep grazing away, when we entered the room we were amazed. With a roll top bath and walk in shower, a spacious seating area with a corner sofa and finished to a beautiful standard, it really was the most tranquil feeling break. The Spa was also luxurious with what felt like a never ending list of treatment rooms such as saunas and steam rooms, finally a pool which is both inside and out. surrounded by sheep on the drive in.

Cosy living area with corner sofa and TV.

I'd love to know your favourite hotel you've ever stayed in!




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